The ultimate free wedding checklist

Every married couple knows how much is involved in planning a wedding – and nearly every bride has had a last minute freakout about having missed something. That’s why we’ve put together our go-to wedding checklist – with all the things you need to think about when planning a wedding.

We’ve made this a 12 month checklist, but you can easily do it in a shorter time – just condense the ‘to-dos’ down into fewer months. Either way, if you follow a good checklist, you should get everything sorted for your wedding with no (well, minimal!) problems. These are our main things – but feel free to add your own too!

Download Honeypot's free wedding checklist

Plus, get our free template for keeping track of all the little things you need to buy, make, borrow, hire, or just remember to bring along from home on the day – included in the free wedding checklist as a bonus!