Introducing our Honeypot Heroes: real-life couples who have used Honeypot as their wedding registry. Each month we’ll feature one couple who’ll share how they used it – and hopefully give you some inspiration for your own! Our next awesome couple? Gabby & Patrick

We used Honeypot last April when we got married and our registry was full of the exciting things we were planning on doing in Europe over Christmas and New Year.

One of the biggest highlights of our honeymoon was London. Because we were staying with friends, we got to experience a bit more of the real London, not just the tourist London, such as going to the Broadway markets, where we ate haggis toasties (they’re much nicer than you’d imagine!). Of the touristy bits, Tower of London was a massive highlight as well, especially for Patrick. We put one of the London Passes on our Honeypot, and that helped us get into attractions like the Tower.

Going to see The Lion King (gifted to us by a generous guest!) was fantastic, and Harry Potter World, which was gifted to us by another guest, was also amazing – it made me a very happy Hufflepuff!

After London we went on Contiki, but instead of just asking towards that one big expense on our Honeypot, we separated it out into each experience we wanted to have, such as visiting Neuschwanstein Castle (the castle that inspired Walt Disney!).

I loved Berlin – we went on the most amazing guided tour. Our tour guide’s grandparents left Germany and moved to America because they were Jewish, so he had this real personal connection to it as he was showing us around.

Other highlights were Rome – where I got to see all the monuments I’d studied in classics at school, and Lucerne in Switzerland, which is so beautiful.

Vienna was a favourite for both of us – it had an awesome mix of cool things to do (including the best Natural History Museum we’ve been to) and the best winter markets we came across. They had everything, from ice skating to mulled wine to Christmas jumpers that we didn’t come across elsewhere.

Taking a belated honeymoon was great, but I’m also very glad that we took a few days straight after the wedding to go up to Russell. Through Honeypot, my aunty gave us a couple of nights at the Duke of Marlborough, and it was really nice to have the minimoon before the honeymoon as well.

With Honeypot, I like the comments you get when people have contributed – being able to look back on that was really cool. I liked that it’s still personal and when we were going around taking photos we were able to thank individual people for that experience. We also got that feedback from our guests – we had a lot of people who weren’t comfortable just giving us cash, so they liked being able to give us a specific gift (but not for our house, which I didn’t want!)

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