Introducing our Honeypot Heroes: real-life couples who have used Honeypot as their wedding registry. Each month we’ll feature one couple who’ll share how they used it – and hopefully give you some inspiration for your own! First up – Maiko & Jono.


My now-husband (eep! That doesn’t get old to say) and I used Honeypot Registry for our wedding in March this year. It was so easy to use and so fun to set up! We used it for both our honeymoon and two special items for the house; a BBQ and a new reading chair. The BBQ we now have is amazing and those who donated to giving us that were the first to be invited around for smoked meats.


Our honeymoon was this June and we went to the East Coast in the US. We had set our Honeypot up showing the four cities we were planning on visiting. We went to Boston, New York, New Orleans, and Orlando and had set up the Honeypot as one box for tourist activities, one for food (because we love our food), and two fun left-wing activities that were very fun to Google and plan. I loved getting to read the messages that people left when they donated to our honeymoon. They were always so lovely and helped make us more excited about the trip!


We can fully recommend anything with lobster (lab-stah) in Boston (all the local craft beers didn’t disappoint either!) and also recommend following your feet in New York because you’ll find the best places to see (and eat at).


Then, the biggest and bestest highlight was the swamp tour we did in New Orleans. We saw ‘gators, wild boar, and snakes, and had the most enthusiastic captain who liked to feed the ‘gators as close to the boat edge as possible (they’ve got a lot of teeth). We ended our honeymoon in Orlando so we could go to Harry Potter World and walk the streets of Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley #hufflepuffsforlife.


Without Honeypot, and our incredibly generous guests, this wouldn’t have been as nearly as fantastic experience! I would recommend Honeypot to anyone.

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