These days many couples are asking for honeymoon contributions rather than household gifts as wedding presents. A honeymoon registry is a wonderful way for guests to contribute to something meaningful while still being a practical gift (that you actually want!)

When Shane & I (Katie, one of the co-founders of Honeypot) got engaged, we considered using a travel agency for our wedding registry. However, I quickly realised that I prefer arranging travel myself. In fact, I enjoyed organising our honeymoon more than our wedding! I wanted a way to ask for contributions towards travel, without the restrictions of using an agency. This was the start of our journey to create Honeypot! Previously, we’ve compared Honeypot to wishing wells so here are some reasons we rate a honeymoon registry over travel registries.

1. Flexibility in booking

For our honeymoon, we wanted to stay in a variety of accommodations – from a boutique hotel in Niseko, to a very basic AirBnB in Toyko, to a traditional ryokan in Mt Fuji. When we’ve used travel agents in the past, I’ve found the options can be somewhat limited, and often restricted to hotels. If you’re like me, you’ll want the flexibility to book wherever and whenever, and the ability to make use of deals available from different providers.

2. Spend your contributions how you like

A friend of ours used a popular New Zealand travel agency for their wedding registry, unfortunately before Honeypot existed! They said the biggest downside was being forced to spend more on their honeymoon accommodation than planned. While it’s lovely that their guests were so generous, they discovered the agency would only allow them to spend their contributions through direct bookings. This meant they were limited to either airfares or accommodation, rather than spending money for the trip.

3. Get the contributions in your pocket

The other downside of using an agency is that they hold all the funds on your behalf. Some agencies will even forfeit any remaining funds if not used within a certain period. This is often buried in the terms and conditions and we think it’s totally unfair. With Honeypot, your contributions are transferred directly to your bank account every fortnight. If you end up with more than expected – no worries! You can decide whether to put the extra into savings, upgrade your honeymoon plans, or even use it to pay off wedding expenses.

4. Guests get a more personal gifting experience

What sets Honeypot apart from other registries is the ability to customise your registry by adding individual gift items. We always get feedback from guests that they love contributing to a specific gift, rather than just adding some more cash to a fund or wishing well. When our own friends used Honeypot, we contributed to their accommodation in Florence, a city we loved visiting ourselves. It meant a lot more to know that we could help them enjoy one of our favourite places, rather than just adding to a generic travel fund. To read more, check out our blogs on about personalising your registry or using Honeypot to tell your story.

5. Personal customer service from your registry provider

There’s a great scene in The Office, where Jim & Dwight show how they can compete with the ‘big boys’ (in this case, large national paper companies) by offering great customer service. This is exactly the level of service we want to provide at Honeypot. If you ever have a question or need some advice, our team are just a phone call, email, or Facebook message away. We often respond outside of business hours, and because Honeypot is our baby, we take every customer very seriously – as you can see from some of the feedback we received below.

“[Honeypot] was a great way to ask for money without feeling funny about it, and we had lots of great feedback from our guests about how much they enjoyed looking at our honeymoon plans and deciding what to give us! I found it really easy (and fun) to set up, and when I had a few initial issues your communication was excellent. Thank you so very much for providing us with such great service and we can’t wait to go on our honeymoon!”

If you think Honeypot might be right for you, feel free to register below for a no-obligation account. You can start a draft registry straight away for free – you only pay our one-off fee once you’re ready to ‘go-live’ and send out to guests.

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