Last month, we compared Honeypot Registry to wishing wells and it was probably our most popular blog to date. This month, we wanted to elaborate on using a personalised registry to create a connection to your guests. We’ve seen hundreds of registries, and one thing we can say without a doubt – those that tell a story are by far the most popular with guests! So here are some of our tips on how to do just that:

Introduce your registry

Each Honeypot has a ‘details’ section at the top which introduces your registry to guests. This is your opportunity to explain why you’ve opted for Honeypot, and a bit more about yourselves too. For example, a couple who used Honeypot for their Queenstown honeymoon shared:

Thanks for visiting our registry. We are lucky enough to already live together with plenty of things for our home. As you all know, we are huge adrenaline junkies! Gifts are by no means expected but if you would like to give us something, we would love your help to fund some of our adventures in Queenstown. Bungy, here we come!

Tell the story of your honeymoon

If you are planning to use Honeypot for your honeymoon (if not, check out some other ideas here), we recommend sharing all the exciting details with your guests. For example, if you’ve always dreamed of visiting Paris, guests will be thrilled to contribute towards your Eiffel tower tickets. Honeypot co-founder Verity and her fiancé Matt are using their Honeypot to tell the story of each destination on their honeymoon adventure – from New York, to London, Berlin and beyond!

Personalise each item

Since our ‘unlimited’ item became available, many couples have used this option for larger items. Where possible, we always recommend adding a personal touch to help guests feel a connection to the gift. For example, one couple used Honeypot to fund a commissioned piece of art for their new home together. We thought this was an awesome example of an item that has both practical and sentimental value. Most importantly it creates a strong connection as guests will get to admire the painting when they visit!

Use humour

Some of the most successful registries we’ve come across have used humour to allow the couple’s personality to shine through. These registries are very popular with guests as they’re not just a registry, but an entertaining experience! One couple photoshopped each item photo with their faces, which was both hilarious and also reminded their friends and family that the money contributed was going towards real gifts that would be enjoyed & cherished by the couple.

We hope that this has given you some ideas about using Honeypot to tell your story, in order to create a greater connection between yourselves, your registry & your guests. However, we can’t take credit for these ideas as we are inspired everyday by the creative and unique registries made by our very own Honeypotters! If you would be interested in having your registry featured on our blog, please get in touch at

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