In today’s world of couples living together before marriage, a wishing well is becoming an increasingly popular option for modern Kiwi couples. However, we think that there’s an even better option out there for couples wanting to keep their guests happy and still receive a practical gift straight into their bank account. Here are some reasons why you should consider Honeypot Registry if you’re thinking of asking for money:

1. Avoid the awkwardness of asking for cash

While it’s becoming more commonplace to ask for cash as a wedding gift, you will likely have some guests who still feel a bit uncomfortable (think your great aunt Doris!) With Honeypot, you can direct guests to your personalised registry, where they can choose any amount to contribute to their gift of choice, making it feel far more special than just bringing cash. Guests can also choose to keep the amount contributed anonymous – we’ll still let you know the other details so you can thank them afterwards!

2. Make it personal with specific items

Honeypot allows you to create a personalised list of gifts that you really want. You won’t be tied down to any store or travel agent – at the end of the day you’ll still receive the cash straight into your bank account. But your guests will be choosing what that cash goes towards, whether it’s accommodation in a traditional Fijian burre or a hiking trip in the Andes!

Time and time again, we get feedback from couples and guests about how they appreciate the personal touch of contributing to a specific item rather than just giving an envelope of cash. To read on about unique gift ideas in Honeypot, check out this blog.

3. Manage your budget with contributions every fortnight

If you’re planning to use a wishing well for your honeymoon, it can be tricky to budget and pay in advance when you have no idea how much you’ll receive. Especially when you’re trying to pay for your wedding at the same time! With Honeypot, you can check how much has been contributed at any time. Unlike other registries that pay out after your wedding, we also transfer your contributions every fortnight, so you don’t need to pay everything out of pocket.

4. Avoid the hassle of banking cash

When we asked couples about the biggest downside of wishing wells, their answer surprised us. Many mentioned the logistical difficulty of looking after and banking a large amount of cash after the wedding. This is something you don’t want to be worrying about – instead, you should be basking in post-marital bliss!

5. Make it easier for your overseas guests

Honeypotters often feedback to us how useful Honeypot was for their overseas guests. For those who can’t make it to New Zealand but would still like to send a gift, they can easily find your registry and contribute using their overseas credit card. For the guests who can make it, using Honeypot is still far easier than withdrawing and exchanging cash.

For these reasons and more, Honeypot Registry makes the giving experience exceptional. Set up your no-obligation account here and get started on creating your own personalised registry!

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