Wedding planning can be scary – that’s why we’ve gotten recent bride Katie to put together her thoughts on how to make wedding planning easy and fun. First up – questions to ask the venue!

When you start looking at venues, the process can be daunting and overwhelming. While most venues provide comprehensive info on details such as menu, drinks lists and prices, other information is more difficult to come by. Here are just a few of the things you could be asking:

1. What are our option/s for wet weather?

If you have an outdoor ceremony, the risk of rain is unfortunately something you need to consider. Some venues offer outdoor marquees or covered areas, while others may require you to use the same area for both ceremony and reception.

2. What is the minimum and maximum capacity of the venue?

Venues vary greatly in size, from small 30-person venues to large venues which can fit hundreds of guests. This means you will need a rough idea of you guest numbers before you book your venue. Sit down beforehand and write a draft guest list before approaching venues – it may not be completely accurate but at least it will give you an idea.

3. Any unusual rules or regulations that we’ll need to comply with? 

You might be surprised by some of the rules set by venues or the areas they are situated in. For example, some venues in protected areas have noise restrictions – not great if you’re wanting to party into the wee hours of the morning!

4. Is the venue well-equipped for people with disabilities?

This may not apply, but consider any older relatives or friends with disabilities who may require a walker or wheelchair. Check whether the staff are available to help with seating and making sure all your guests are comfortable.

5. What are the options for younger guests?

If you’re planning to invite children to your wedding, keep them in mind when looking at venues. They may offer kiddie meals or special chairs for children.

6. What is the bathroom situation?

While this is definitely not the most romantic aspect of the venue, it can be very important! Believe it or not, some guests we have spoken have pointed out a lack of bathrooms as one of the major drawbacks of previous weddings.

7. What additional services are included in the venue price? 

When comparing venues, many couples look to the hire fee and food and drink costs. While this is a good starting point, it’s really important to consider what else a venue is offering. Some venues include centrepieces, decorations, canapés and even entertainment in their hire fee, while others require the couple to provide or hire these separately.

 8. What are the payment options? 

Payment options vary greatly between venues. Some will require large deposits to secure a booking, which may not be within your initial budget.

What’s most important is that you’re not afraid to ask! When picking a venue, it needs to work for you and your needs – so asking what you might think are silly questions could be the difference between worrying about little things on the day and having a stress-free wedding.