Get the gift you really want – in other words, what on earth is a honeymoon registry?

So you’re getting married. Congratulations! I’m sure by now you’ve looked at several wedding mags, scrawled through countless blogs and been inundated with wedding advice. Never before have you been asked to make so many decisions!

One thing that might feel like too much hard work to think about right now is your wedding registry. After all, who really wants to go through a store and pick out countless items that you’ll just have to find space for at home and then probably only drag out once or twice a year?

Of course, you don’t have to ask your wedding guests for things. You could ask them for cash, through a wishing well or by giving people your bank account. But so many of us feel awkward doing that – and everyone who does that has at least ONE older relative tell them it’s completely unacceptable. If that’s the case with you, maybe it’s time to try a honeymoon registry.

Wait, you say – what on earth is a honeymoon registry? Well, a honeymoon registry might just be the compromise you’ve been looking for.

A honeymoon registry essentially allows you to create your own personalised online registry – instead of choosing kitchen appliances or linens, you choose parts of your honeymoon, or anything else you can think of. Need help getting to somewhere exotic? Ask for contributions to your flights. Would love to go skydiving in Queenstown but can’t quite afford it? Ask for help with it. Choose absolutely anything that you’d like help with and add it as an item on your registry.

Guests can choose whether to give you the cost of the whole gift, or an amount towards it – you still get the cash transferred to your account, but your guests feel like they’ve given you a specific gift. After all, helping get you to Disneyland is a much nicer present to give than just getting some money out of the ATM. Plus, it means you can send them a photo of you using your gift – much more personalised than a simple note saying thank you for cash.

The best part is, you don’t even have to restrict yourself to just your honeymoon – you can ask for absolutely anything! Try asking for contributions to a lounge suite, dinner out as newlyweds, or even help saving for a home deposit. It’s up to you!

They’ve been popular overseas for years – and now New Zealand has its very own honeymoon registry. Visit to find out more and get your own registry started.