One of the most fun parts of planning a wedding isn’t actually planning the wedding – it’s planning what comes after! And with the help of a Honeypot honeymoon registry, planning your honeymoon can be even more fun – after all, it gives you the opportunity to dream big and let your guests give you something that gets you really excited!

Since Katie and Shane were the first couple to ever use Honeypot to fund their honeymoon, Katie’s given you her top tips for planning a heavenly honeymoon here:

Set an approximate budget

Make sure you know what kind of budget you’re looking at, and figure out what you’ll be able to achieve with that. Start with your largest items, such as flights and accommodation, and consider the budget in the context of the wedding and other expenses. Saving money on your wedding dress may pay for that romantic couples massage! If you’re planning on using Honeypot for a honeymoon registry, consider how your guests’ contributions may help pay for things you might otherwise forgo

Choose a destination

Traditional honeymoon destinations usually involve relaxing on a tropical island with a cocktail in hand – think Fiji, Samoa or Rarotonga. However, if as a couple you are more adventurous, you might consider a ski holiday, hiking trip or fishing adventure (we chose to head to Japan and go skiing). Wherever you choose though, be aware of time – most people will need to take time off work, so this will affect the length of your honeymoon. If you only have a week off, you may prefer somewhere close so you spend less time flying and more time enjoying yourselves

Shop around

Using a travel agent may help you get some great deals. However, travel agents often deal with a selection of suppliers which means you may not get exactly what you want. Otherwise websites such as webjet and expedia can help you find great deals on accommodation and flights. When booking online, watch out for unexpected costs such as airport taxes and booking fees.

Use websites such as Tripadvisor to help you find hotels and restaurants in your budget that other travellers have rated highly. If your accommodation budget is tight, consider staying in short-term rentals rather than hotels. Websites such as Airbnb offer affordable accommodation in great locations with the added benefit of feeling like “home away from home”.

Book in advance

Once you have decided on the main aspects of your honeymoon, try to book as much in advance as possible. This may allow you to take advantage of early-bird deals, secure your choice of accommodation and help with budgeting for your wedding. It will also take the pressure off when you are busy getting ready/planning for the wedding itself! That way Honeypot can either give you back some of the money you’ve already spent, or can pay for extra things that you wouldn’t have been able to afford without it.

Most importantly, if you’re going away straight after your wedding, endeavour to have everything ready the month before your wedding – including passports, documents, transfers, and foreign currency. The last thing you want in the days leading up to your wedding is to have even more things to sort!